We have implemented an exciting new program and want to spread the word!

Why are volunteers needed?

The Sanctuary employs full time local staff but they are always in need of assistance with general operations. Our staff are often over stretched with daily care so the extra assistance from the volunteers allow them to focus on long term plans and extend their care to more animals that may need more direct attention during their stays at the Sanctuary.

The Love and Passion provided by the volunteers allows the center to run more smoothly and offers beneficial support for the animals that need more attention and care. The commitment and devotion volunteers bring and provide for the animals allow the full time staff to continue to fulfill the many tasks associated with the daily operations.


Where your contributions goes:

We understand that volunteers want to know what happens to their donations once they have been passed to us. Every donation received at the Alturas Animal Sanctuary including volunteer fees contributes directly to helping the Sanctuary with the ultimate objective to help the wild life, plus you get hands on experience with the incredible wildlife of Costa Rica!

For more information and pricing please visit: Alturasvolunteers.com