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Reggae to the Rescue

When: July 16th 2016
Where: Patrons, Dominical
Who: Rebelution with special guest Ojo de Buey
What: A Concert to benefit injured & displaced wildlife in Costa Rica

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Recovering pregnant female Congo

With over 100 animals currently at the sanctuary it is hard to pick which story to tell you about but this one in particular has touched us all very much.  In the past few months we have been receiving an unfortunate amount of electrocution cases and it brings up a topic that is always on […]

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Volunteer Program

We have implemented an exciting new program and want to spread the word!
Why are volunteers needed?
The Sanctuary employs full time local staff but they are always in need of assistance with general operations. Our staff are often over stretched with daily care so the extra assistance from the volunteers allow them to focus on long […]

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Grand Opening

We are thrilled that the sanctuary is almost ready for the grand opening!  Countless hours, effort and love from so many people have gone into preparing habitats, the learning center and the entire facility.  We have already began the transition of moving the animals and the ones that have arrived are settled and happy in […]

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Meet Bubba The Pizote

Bubba is a Pizote (Coati) that came to us because he was abandoned by his troop. He was brought to the sanctuary at 4 weeks old and was not in good shape. With bottle feedings and lots of love, he is now a healthy adolescent. He enjoys eating fruit and loves lounging in his hammock!

Coatis, […]

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